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Контрольна робота №3 6 клас завдання 6
На головну

Вкажіть номери пропозицій, в яких слід вжити конструкцію there is (are):

1. В нашій бібліотеці є багато хороших підручників. 2. У мене є деякі з них. 3. У вас є англо-російський словник? 4. Здається, на полиці є один словник. 5. У вашому місті є театр? 6. У нашому місті кілька непоганих театрів. 7. У мене є кілька картин цього художника. 8. У диктанті багато помилок? 9. У нас немає часу для розмови. 10. Перед будинком велика зелена галявина.

Підсумкова контрольна робота, Задачі 1-5, Математика, 6 клас, Тарасенкова 2014

1. Переведіть пропозиції на російську мову:

1. There is a bad mistake in your test. 2. There are a lot of new words in this text 3. Is there a metro station in this street? 4. What is there on the table? 5. There was not a university in that town. 6. There is no time for it today. 7. Sixty years ago there was no day TV, there were no videos and glossy magazines. 8. There was no heating in the house. 9. In winter there was ice on the inside of our bedroom windows.

Контрольні роботи з математики 4 клас (До підручника Богданович) Нова програма 2015 Шандрівська

10. There was not any other way to school. 11. There is a big dog under the bench. 12. There are some people in the bus stop. 13. There were some children in front of the theatre. 14. There is a large hostel in our college. 15. There are five blocks for the students here. 15. There are some interesting projects of other blocks of the hostel. 16. Is there any bar at the airport? 17. Is there any signature on the cheque?

2. Виберіть відповідну форму дієслова:

There (is, are) a long shelf on the wall. 2. There (is, are) two doors in the corridor. 3. There (was, were) a school here long ago. 4. There (was, were) a car in front of the door. 5. There (was, were) many children in the garden. 6. (Are, is) there any plants or flowers in your room? 7. There (is, are) some bread on the plate.

Користуючись зразком, побудуйте питання і дайте на них відповіді:

Зразок: Is there a hospital in this street?

Yes, there is. No, there is not any.

сinema, bookshop, bus stop, bank, park, people, cars, parking, post office, restaurant, cafe, supermarket, metro station, tram stop, kindergarten, school, theatre

Задайте спеціальне питання, користуючись списком слів, даному в попередній вправі:

зразок :Where is the hospital?

Over there, on the right, on the left, opposite the bank, straight

ahead, across the road, next to the post office

3. Поставте пропозиції в запитливо і негативну форми:

1. There is a history faculty in our Institute. 2. There are many students in the library. 3. There were some pictures on the wall of the lecture room. 4. There was a lot of work to do. 5. There were new houses in the street. 6. There was a yellow cup on the table. 7. There is a bottle of juice in the refrigerator. 8. There are some cars in the street. 9. There are many people at the bus stop. There were many birds in the tree.

3. Складіть пропозиції з оборотом за зразками, використовуючи слова зі списку:

Зразок: There is a table in the room.

There are two tables in the room.

a wardrobe, a cupboard, a sofa, a shelf, a chair, a mirror, a radio-set, a bookcase

Зразок: There was a car near the house.

There were three cars near the house.

aflower-bed, a dog, a box, an office, a man, a child, a shop, a school

Зразок: There will be a shop in this new development.

There will be four shops in this new development.

a tram stop, a park, a hospital, an office, a market, a club

Зразок: There is a cat on the sofa.

Is there a cat on the sofa?

a wardrobe in the bedroom, a cup on the table, a vase on the TV set, a metro station near our house, a flower in the vase, a car in tha garage, a chair at the table

Зразок: There is no vase on the shelf.

There are no vases on the shelf.

a newspaper in the bookcase, an umbrella on the floor, water in the glass, a ticket in the pocket, a photo in the album

Зразок: How many people are there in the hall?

How much bread is there on the plate?

students in the room, newspapers on the desk, juice in the bottle, milk in the packet, tickets in the bag, money in the wallet, information in the journal, photos in the album, messages on the desk, cheese in the refrigerator, days in a week, months in a year, hours in a day, minutes in an hour, people in your family

4. Складіть питання:

 1. Is there ...? 2. Are there ...? 3. Was there ...? 4.Were there ...?  a telephone in your rooma TV-set in the hallany parks in this districta large factory in the townmany good students in your groupa big shop in that streeta bus stop near your househigh buildings in your townold beautiful trees in the parkmany foreign magazines in your librarymany people at the bus stop

5. Поставте до пропозицій питання «скільки?»

Зразок: How many books are there  on the table?

How much water is there  in the river?

1. There is one table is this study. 2. There are 20 computers in the class. 3. There is a lot of bread on the plate. 4. There are few children in the yard. 5. There was little snow on the ground. 6. There was one train on the platform. 7. There are five English books on the desk. 8. There is one lecture on the time-table today.9. There are ten very comfortable flats in this house. 10. There are few matches in the box. 11. There is little information in the programme. 12. There is little milk in the bottle. 13. There are three maps ob the wall. 14. There is no food in the refrigerator. 15. There are a lot of cars in front of the building. 16. There is little sugar in the bowl. 17. There is no salt in the salt-celler.

6. Прочитайте і переведіть:

зразок :There is a book on the shelf. The book is on the shelf.

На полиці є книга. Книга на полиці.

1. There is a photo on the wall. The photo is on the wall.

2. There was a lamp on the desk. The lamp was on the desk.

3. There will be a flower in the vase. The flower will be in the vase.

4. There are shelves on the wall. The shelves are on the wall.

5. There were some cars behind the house. The cars were behind the house.

6. There will be new offices in this street. The new offices will be in this street.

7. There was no sofa there. The sofa was not there.

7. Виберіть відповідний переклад наступних пропозицій:

1.There are many mountains in the South of our country.

a) Південь нашої країни гористий.

b) На півдні нашої країни багато гір.

c) Гори знаходяться на півдні нашої країни.

2.There were many stars in the sky.

a) Небо було зоряне.

b) На небі не було зірок.

c) На небі було багато зірок.

3.There were two ships in the sea.

a) У морі було два корабля.

b) Два корабля були в морі.

c) У морі були кораблі.

4.There are no trees in the desert.

a) У пустелі немає дерев.

b) Дерева не ростуть в пустелі.

c) У пустелі не було дерев.

5.There are no flowers in the vase.

a) Квіти не в вазі.

b) У вазі є квіти.

c) У вазі немає квітів.

6.There are a lot of foreign books in our library.

a) У нашій бібліотеці багато іноземних книг.

b) Іноземні книги знаходяться в нашій бібліотеці.

c) У нашій бібліотеці немає іноземних книг.

7.There was a journal on the table.

а) На столі були журнали.

b) Журнал був на столі.

c) На столі був журнал.

Складіть альтернативні питання:

зразок :There are five (seven) floors in this building.

Are there five or seven floors in this building?

1. There five (six) members in Ann's family. 2. There is much (little) milk at home. 3. There are many (few) students in the room. 4. There is much (little) snow in winter in the Urals.

2. Вставте much, many, little, few, a lot of, lots of:

Багато) students in our group. 2. There is (багато) coffee in the cup. 3. There is (мало) paper on the shelf. 4. There are (мало) newspapers in the bookcase. 5. There is (багато) butter on the plate. 6. There are (мало) books on the desk. 7. There is (мало) snow on the ground. 8. There are (багато) sentences in the text. 9. There are (кілька) children in the garden. 10. There is (трохи) butter on the plate. 11. The hall is almost empty. There are (мало) people in it. 12. They eat (мало) meat. 13. We eat (багато) vegetables.14. We had (багато) tasty food at the party. 15.

8. Прочитайте і переведіть текст:

I have a new flat in a large house. There are all modern conveniences in it. They are central heating, gas, hot and cold water. There is also a lift in the house. In front of our house there are a lot of trees, bushes and flowers.

I have a three-room flat on the third floor. The flat is not very large but it is comfortable and cosy. There are a bathroom, a toilet and a large kitchen where we have our meals.

My living-room is large, light and comfortable. There is a television in the room. The television is opposite the door. There is a small brown table near the window. There are some newspapers, journals, magazines, files, a computer and a telephone on the table. There are two big sofa, armchairs in the room. They are in the right corner. There is a shelf on the wall. There are some English and Russian books on it. There are nice yellow curtains on the window. There are some bright photos on the walls. My favourite pictures are on the wall too.

9. Переведіть пропозиції на англійську мову:

1. У нашому місті багато університетів. 2. У минулому році в нашій групі було 20 студентів. 3. На тому столі багато книг? 4. Які книги на тому столі? 5. У цій кімнаті одне вікно. 6. Скільки вікон в цій кімнаті? 7. На стіні є нова фотографія. 8. Недалеко від нашого будинку була нова школа. 9. Нова школа знаходиться недалеко від нашого будинку. 10. На вашій вулиці є книжковий магазин? 11. Скільки хліба на столі? 12. У цьому уроці багато нових слів. 13. Нові слова на сторінці 10. 14. Студенти в класі. 15. У класі багато студентів? 16. У класі мало студентів. 18. На землі було мало снігу. 19. У річці було багато води. 20. У його тесті багато помилок. 21. На столі немає чеків. 22. На чеку немає підпису. 23. В аеропорту немає бару. 24. На вулиці немає таксі. 25. У офісі пана Сміта троє відвідувачів.

1. Давайте посидимо в барі. 2. Давайте сядемо в кутку. 3. Давайте викличемо таксі. 4. Давайте підемо. 5. Давайте поїдемо туди влітку. 6. Давайте я понесу ваш чемодан. 7. Дозвольте мені допомогти вам з вашим багажем. 8. Нехай Анна купить квитки. 9. Нехай Том викличе таксі. 10. Нехай вони чекають таксі.

Переведіть пропозиції, звертаючи увагу на вживання прийменників:

1. He was accused of murder. 2. I agree with you. 3. I want to apologize to your sister for being late. 4. I believe in my friend. 5. We want to ask our teacher about it. 6. She asked me for help. 7. Apply to the Consul for a visa. 8. Let's call on our parents for a minute. 9. What parts does Great Britain consist of? 10. Did you hear from her anything? 11. In a minute we are leaving for a party. I prefer beer to wine. 12. Remind me of it, please. 13. Who will look after the baby while you are out? 14. Who will pay for the dinner? 15. She spends a lot of money on sweets. 16. Warn him about the danger. 17. My granny suffers from headaches. 18. She writes to me every month. 19. I want to speak to him about his son. 20. It is difficult to rely on the weather in this region. 21. We live on 20 dollars a week. 22. Did you hear about the party? 23. I want to invite you to the presentation. 24. Do not laugh at her! 25. Let's listen to the cassette. 26. The weather here depends on many factors. 27. You'd better divide the report into chapters. 28. Will you please explain this rule to me? 29. What has happened to Helen? 30. Congratulate you on winning the prize. 31. You will solve the problem if you concentrate on it. 32. He does not care about other people. 33. This house belongs to my parents. 34. He borrowed many books from the library. 35. He borrowed 100 dollars from me. 35. It seems to me that the music is too loud. 36. Do you read English books in the original? 37. You are perfectly capable ... doing you're your own bed. 38. Are you good ... languages? 39. The house belongs ... the Greens. 40. We are ... good terms ... our neighbours.

Поставте замість пропусків приводи:

1. Three students are absent ... the lecture today. 2. I am afraid ... big dogs. 3. Mother is angry ... her children. 4. What are you busy ...? 5. He is in charge ... the sales. 6. They were delighted ... the presents. 7. I was disappointed ... the results of the experiment. 8. What are you fond ...? 9. The child was frightened ... the film. 10. I am very glad ... you. 11. He is quite independent ... his parents. 12. We are interested ... many things. 13. Why were you late ... the lesson yesterday? 14. The TV set is ... order. 15. My granny is proud ... her garden and flowers. 15. She was ill and I was sorry ... her. 16. Who is responsible ... the wall newspaper? 17. The performance was a success ... the public. 18. Everybody was surprised ... his words. 19. What things are you worried ...? 20. What do you usually do ... weekends? 21. Would you like to go ... the concert ... me? 22. He put his hands ... his pockets. 23. Translate the letter ... English ... Russian. 24. Take the book ... the shelf and give it ... me. 25. It's one mile ... here ... the bank. 26. Please help me ... my work. 27. Which is the highest mountain ... the world? 28. Please answer ... once. 28. Do not say it ... your mother. 29. I want to invite them ... my dinner-party. 30. I thank you ... the warm reception. 31. It's very kind of you indeed. 32. He is married to my cousin. 32. Are you interested in football? 33. The train was full of people. 34. I'm short of money now. 35. Life in the city is different from life in the country. 36. I'm tired of watching television. 37. There was a very interesting film on television yesterday. 38. Let's get ... the train, it's leaving. 39. I am not really used to being treated like that. 40. I'd like to listen ... the lecture ... psychology.

Поставте замість пропусків відповідні прийменники, де необхідно:

1. According ... the newspapers, in Latin America the position is difficult owing ... currency problems and inflation. 2. ... spite ... the traffic, we arrived ... time. 3. What will they do instead ... it? 4. The man jumped ... the wall and fell down ... the grass. 5. They were staying ... the best hotel. 6. It was his first visit ... Italy. 7. ... autumn the leaves fall ... the trees and grow again ... spring. 8. Bye! See you on Monday. 9. There is nothing ... the box. 10. I want to introduce you ... my sister. 11. How are things ... you? 12. They owe us a thousand ... least. 13. It was very kind ... you to help me. 14. I was angry ... him for keeping me waiting. 15. He was pleased ... his new car. 16. She is married ... my brother. 17. Who is responsible ... this terrible mess? 18. She's fond ... dancing. 19. He is especially interested ... politics. 20. I'm short ... money at the moment. 21. Your house is different ... mine. 22. I'm tired ... this quarrel. 23. I agree ... you. 24. Do you find any difficulty ... paying the hotel bill ... advance? 25. Are restaurants popular ... the public? 30. The park is ... your right. 31. The woman was red ... anger. 32. On hearing the news she burst ... tears. 33. The doctor prescribed medicine ... her cold. 34. He works ... a big international company. 35. He is looking ... a job. 36. The girl sleeps ... the clock. 37, There's nothing new ... the sun. 38. He is grown-up enough to look ... himself. 39. She is impossible to deal .... 40. You can never rely ... her.



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